We develop the community around the Science and Technology Park “Magurele Science Park” and create bridges of collaboration between the actors of this community: universities, R&D institutes, business and authorities.


We support research institutes with multiple information and promotion services for research offer, training, matchmaking and networking events.


We provide services like matchmaking, information, training, internationalization and networking events.


Innovative technologies and methods in education


Information & Promotion
We collect the latest information about funding, business and research and promotes innovative technologies in the MSP community.
We organize events to support the research community on topics of interest and to establish collaborations with potential partners.
The research community is linked to the need to develop the business environment and the existing expertise of these actors.
We organize training sessions according to the needs of the research community, on various topics (marketing, intellectual property rights, identification of partners).


Information & Promotion
We collect the latest information about funding, business and research and promotes innovative technologies in the MSP community.
We organize events to support the business community on topics of interest and to establish collaborations with potential partners.
We promote the expertise and existing research infrastructures of the private environment, through which they can present their need for development and collaboration.
We promote the product, processes and technologies on foreign markets.


For students
Practice your creativity in a digital world. Technologies from future for your education today.
For teachers
We offer teachers from Ilfov county access to latest generation technologies and training programs to keep up with their ultra-rapid development.
Be up to date with all the educational events developed and promoted by the “Magurele Science Park” Association.
Open educational resources – audio, video, modules, presentations, materials.

Latest News

www.MagureleSciencePark.ro – relaunched

The online environment is one of the most dynamic components of the current period. Always in constant change. Always with new updates, with new facilities for those interested. It's not just information. It's technology. It's a new way of communicating. We, the MSP Association, have complied. We relaunched the website www.magurelesciencepark.ro, we improved it, we added new facilities for the community. A new interface, a new layout - more friendly, intuitive and not least more complex. The structure, we say, is more visible. We divided it into new categories. Depending on the environments...

Kids with a passion for robotics can now buy Special Programming Paks with Micro: Bit or Introduction to Arduino

RoboHub launches in October, on the occasion of Black Friday, a package dedicated to children who want to learn about programming and hardware, but are prevented by the COVID-19 pandemic from attending classes. What it is? Parents can purchase from Robohub.ai or from Emag two types of packages offered by RoboHub: Programming with Micro: Bit or Introduction to Arduino. Each of the packages contains the hardware that children can work with, as well as access to an online platform that shows them how to use and how to ...

How the Impact Hub team reconfigured its business in the context of pandemic

Interview with Daniel Matei, Business Development Manager Impact Hub 1. How was 2020 so far for the IMPACT HUB community? This year I think it was a time to see if one of the myths about entrepreneurship and how quickly they adapt in new contexts, finds its justification in the reality of a constantly evolving with a low degree of predictability.  The evolution of community and the ecosystems in general have shown that it was not size of an organization (start-ups or large companies) that made the difference, but the attitude with which…

Măgurele Science Park, at GoTech World: we are developing a business ecosystem built on digitalization and innovation

Măgurele Science Park Association participated at Go Tech World to help create a business ecosystem built on digitalization and innovation. GoTech World online event took place on 11th and 12th November 2020 and allowed professionals to participate regardless of their location. Organizers have also prepared new online experiences, the latest tech solutions and an exhibition area with 3D technology. Thus, the MSP Association participated and started collaborative relationships with over 200 participants (through online interactions and exchange...

Debates SCIENCE | BUSINESS | EDUCATION, with Roxana Radvan, director INOE 2000

Debates SCIENCE | BUSINESS | EDUCATION is a project of the” Magurele Science Park” Association through which we promote researchers, business experts and specialists from education field who contribute to the evolution of society and innovation ecosystem. Roxana Radvan, director of the National Institute for R&D in Optoelectronics – INOE 2000, participated as a speaker in the series of debates SCIENCE | BUSINESS | EDUCATION organized by MSP. The main ideas: Our activity…

Radu Constantinescu, co-founder Qualitance: Working with a research center would be a huge win for us. When ideas and goals converge, the perfect ecosystem is created!

Măgurele Science Park Association is continuing the process of promoting research expertise among members of the MSP community, with the aim of opening opportunities for future collaboration for the community. Thus, Radu Constantinescu, responded positively to our invitation to discuss about collaboration with a research center, which would be a huge gain for any innovative company. In our view, the essential role of technology is to augment the products, services, experiences and interactions through simplicity...

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The partnerships between the research and business environment work without any problems in the conditions in which the both parties correctly define their needs and expectations.

Bogdănel Budeanu
CEO, FIA Integra

I want such as MSP project to succeed in developing from year to year and to bring as many companies as really interested in scientific research close to the Magurele campus …… .MSP to promote and coordinate Ministerial Technology Transfer Programs and become a solid bridge of communication between the scientific research centers on the Magurele Platform and the entrepreneurial area.

Domnul Felix Sima
Research and Scientific Secretary INFLPR (The National Institute for Laser, Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR)

I would like that Magurele to become a technical consulting cluster in Romania, which will help through know-how the development of industrial parks in all regions of the country.

Vlad Măcelaru
Co-fondator Clark

Teachers need to practice various ways to turn a school-specific teaching strategy into one that is appropriate for the online environment.

Cristina GHIȚĂ
Deputy General School Inspector, Ilfov County School Inspectorate

We need to get out of the paradigm in which we find that the results of fundamental research funded by various sources remain in the academic and research area, and start-ups that could translate these results into the market, mean to innovate, are excluded from the ecosystem.

Alexandru Lăpuşan
CEO and founder Zitec