Project name: CONNECT – Local Public Development through Innovation and Connecting Stakeholders

Acronym: CONNECT

Beneficiary name: “Măgurele Science Park” Association

The aim and objectives of the project:

The general objective of the project is to increase the Association’s capacity to develop mechanisms for supporting and promoting development at the local level and for interaction with public administration authorities and institutions, through innovation and adaptability to the needs of the research-development-innovation ecosystem (CDI) .

Expected results:

  • Carrying out a documentation study (2 chapters) at the local level, which will provide an analysis of the actors’ capacity to support the CDI ecosystem and the good practices identified at the European level;
  • Conducting a CNFPA accredited training course on the “Innovation Manager” module for 10 persons, members of the beneficiary, trained and certified;
  • Attracting partners in the MSP community: 15 partners from research and 15 from the business environment in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, meaning 30 partnership agreements signed;
  • Drawing up an action plan (Blue paper), with the possibility of replication;
  • Organization of four Innovation bridge events for exchange of best practices between regions and feedback on the Action Plan;
  • Running an information campaign on the project, expected to inform at least 80 members of the MSP community.

Total project value: 423,180.84 lei

Co-financing value provided by the European Union: 331,773.79 lei

National funding value: 82,943.43 lei

Project period: 23.06.2022 – 22.08.2023 (14 months)

MySMIS code: 151440

Contact person: Paula Bădinu,


Project co-financed from the European Social Fund, through the Operational Program Administrative Capacity 2014-2020, 151440.