The online environment is one of the most dynamic components of the current period. Always in constant change. Always with new updates, with new facilities for those interested. It’s not just information. It’s technology. It’s a new way of communicating.

We, the MSP Association, have complied. We relaunched the website, we improved it, we added new facilities for the community.

A new interface, a new layout – more friendly, intuitive and not least more complex.

The structure, we say, is more visible. We divided it into new categories. Depending on the environments in which we operate.

Research. Business environment. Education.

We want to be the engine of the development of the largest state-of-the-art Science and Technology Park in Romania. We facilitate the dialogue between researchers and academia, between entrepreneurship and the business sector and with public authorities.

Our objective is to focus on the information as soon as possible to all users.

Therefore, we invite you in the virtual environment to find out about us, about our objectives and purpose, about what we can offer now but also about our future projects. About Magurele Science Park.