About us

In achieving the regional development objectives of the Nuclear Physics project and the economic capitalization on the research of the whole Magurele platform, Magurele Science Park is a vital project.

The feasibility study, made with the support of the International Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, demonstrates the imminent necessity of the investment, but also the obligation of building the park in the immediate vicinity of the ELI-NP project, in Magurele, a town recognized by the European Physical Society as a Historic Site for Physics.

Magurele Science Park will allow the convergence of the most competitive research fields of the Romanian research, respectively of the innovative entrepreneurship, beginning with the European impact project ELI-NP.

This will contribute to the development of a location and an attractive ecosystem for the institutions and national and international knowledge-based companies and, as a consequence, will greatly add to the economic development at both regional and national levels.


Objective #1

Attracting and supporting talents in order to change the tendency for brain drain from România

Objective #2

The contribution to change/modernization of the urban profile of Magurele City and București-Ilfov region

Objective #3

Supporting the commercialization of the research results and of the spin-off systems built within Universities and Research Institutes as well as creating a relevant culture in this field

MSP Status

Feasability study phase 100%
Plans and partnerships phase 75%
Implementation phase 15%

Magurele Science Park Localisation

Magurele Science Park will be developed in 3 phases. The first phase will consist of the planning the building of the park on a surface of 5.5 hectars, the investment amounting to more than 36 million Euros. During the first phase, the following parts will be built: Center of Technology Transfer, Innovation Center, Museum of the Future, and Recreation Center. The second phase is intended at progressively expanding the park up to a surface of 20 hectars, within 5 years. During the third phase, we estimate an expansion of the park up to 30 hectars.
Narcis Constantin, Mayor of Magurele: “Magurele Laser (ELI-NP) and Magurele Science Park are the largest research, innovation, and development projects in Romania. The high level of knowledge in our city is due to the scientists and researchers in Magurele. But the possibility of building a science park that would enable the technology transfer could be due to us, all of us.”


Existing and connected infrastructure:
  • Subway network in Bucharest: 70 km, 51 subway stations
  • Bucharest is the central point for 8 national major railways connecting the other regions in Romania and the neighbouring countries
  • Bucharest Railway Ring
  • Bucharest South Ring Road
  • Project for Bucharest Ring Motorway (A0)
  • Henri Coanda International Airport
  • Public transport Bucharest-Magurele
  • Rapid transport by bus, Magurele – Bucharest North Railway Station

Quality of Life

Located near Bucharest and connected to the facilities that ensure life comfort in the 21th century, Magurele provides the inhabitants the silence and comfort of suburban areas.

Inaugurated in 2015, Magurele Medical Center provides high-quality health care services: family medicine, medical specialties, dentistry, nutrition, pharmacy. Also, the inhabitants of the city have permanent access to the wide network of public and private hospitals in Bucharest.

There are 4 kindergartens, 2 primary schools, 1 high school, and 1 university in the city.

Tax payment in Magurele city can be made online.

The economic development is one of the priorities of the region in order to enhance the well-being of the citizens by means of: attracting investors and capital, promoting the entrepreneurship and developing an attractive environment for research-development-innovation, as well as promoting the green economy principles.

Magurele Real Estate

Real estate agencies apply prices of about 200 EUR for the rent of a 2-room dwelling, and 830 EUR/sqm for sale.

In Magurele, labour force in the field of physics has the highest level of qualification, as both “Horia Hulubei” Theoretical High School, having a rich tradition in the education of future physicians, and the Faculty of Physics within the University of Bucharest are located here. Also, Magurele Science Park, by means of their partnerships and programs, will contribute at attracting young people towards the research and innovation sector. The partnerships with universities and research institutes will ensure the ongoing update of the curriculum in order to correlate the specialized work force with the requirements of the business environment.