About us

Magurele Science Park Association was formed in 2016 as a concept to contribute in the development of innovative entrepreneurship at regional and national level, by creating bridges between industry and research and the necessary environment for constant dialogue between the two.
The association was formed by Ilfov County Council, Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering and Magurele Town Hall, and were joined by Bucharest University and University ‘Politehnica’ of Bucharest. The association is supported by local, regional, and governmental institutions, by the research institutes, and by the high-tech companies.

The association is the engine for developing the biggest science & technology park in Romania. We foster dialogue between research and academia, entrepreneurs and businesses, and the public authorities.

Our Purpose:

To stimulate economic growth and competitiveness in the region through technologic transfer and innovation.

To encourage a more intense transfer between research and production, technology, services, and innovative commercial applications.

Our audience?

Research & development institutes, research centers, universities, SMEs,
Students, local and national communities, local hubs, science and innovation parks, other entities.

Strategic objectives:


Science, technic, and economic development at regional level


Entrepreneurship development


Exploiting research


Intensifying technology transfer and innovation

MSP Association is supporting Ilfov County Council in running specific activities needed for the development of the ‘Magurele Science Park’ Science & Technology Park. The prime objective is community development (universities, research & development institutes, businesses, entrepreneurs, students, authorities etc.) around the project.


Universities, national R&D institutes, businesses with research capabilities


SMEs, entrepreneurs, large companies, multinational corporations


County School Inspectorate, schools, high-schools, other entities

The Team

Mădălin Ioniță

Executive Director

As a leader he succeeds in motivating and helping his team overcome its limits. Madalin transfers to those around him the values he is guided by in everything he does: innovative spirit, emphasis on results, respect and integrity.
He has over 20 years of professional experience in project management and business development, starting with the coordination and management of consulting services for SMEs. He has been involved – as coordinator or project manager – in more than 50 national and / or international projects that fund business development, research infrastructure development, start-ups and spin-offs, training people through various EC programs, such as Eureka, SAVE, PC FP, Youth, Phare. He also has experience and knowledge about the innovation ecosystem in Romania, having a proven ability to support organizations to apply in innovative projects.

Paula Bădinu


She is the link of everything that means promotion in the “Măgurele Science Park” Association, being involved in the promotion of innovative technologies within the community. Experience in writing and conducting projects with non-reimbursable funding, in the field of business consulting, interaction with people gave him the opportunity to acquire social skills and abilities, interpersonal communication skills and ease in establishing contacts with partners in the MSP community.

Laurențiu Dinu

IT Technician

Passionate about 3D modeling and printing, with over 3 years of experience in the field and always eager to teach others.
Thanks to him, the modules offered by our association are very much appreciated by the students.

Gilda Venturatos

Asistent Manager

Energetic, attentive to details, responsible, Gilda is involved in organizing the financial and administrative activity of our association.
She has over 5 years of experience in similar positions, managing to accumulate communication and organization skills.

Luiza Popescu

PR & Communication Expert

Within the team, Luiza is responsible for everything that is connected to promotion and communication, both for the Association and for the actors who form the #MSP community. Enthusiastic and connected to trends (always careful not to miss any new #hashtag on social media), she is a motivated person, who likes people and challenges. She is constantly working on perfecting herself and has decided not to spend a day without learning (at least) something new.

Roxana Lupaşcu

Innovation expert

Roxana is a professional with 20 years of experience (general management, business development and investment management) in the financial and business industry, with an in-depth understanding of the market and the ability to create competitive and innovative strategies and successfully lead new projects.

Within the Association, Roxana is the Innovation & Development Expert. Moreover, she is voluntary in various NGOs and advocates for causes such as economic empowerment, environment, human rights, accessibility, sustainable development, education, health and humanitarian aid.

Passionate about design thinking and creativity, Roxana is constantly connected with the trends in the field of technology and innovation, especially those aimed at the circular economy, energy efficiency and eco-innovation. With a strategic thinking and able to identify opportunities in market developments, innovations and challenges, Roxana believes in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion.

Andreea Iancu

Innovation expert

Andreea is experienced in the field of education and innovation policies, after having worked in several public administration organizations, where she has interacted with various stakeholders regarding the development of the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For the last four years she has worked with technology startups in an acceleration program for young entrepreneurs but also as part of a project developing the startup founders community in Romania.

Naturally analytical and with a contagious passion for research, Andreea believes in creating healthy connections between people and organizations by correctly understanding the needs of each party and exploring opportunities through curiosity, creativity and flexibility.