Project title: PROSME – Promotion of SMEs in Romania through the Enterprise Europe Network

Acronym: PROSME

About Enterprise Europe Network Romania

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the initiative of the European Union, being the largest network that supports companies to innovate and develop their activity in other markets, through specialized services provided by experts from over 600 centers, with specific expertise, located in every region of the European Union and not only.

The mission of the Enterprise Europe Network Centers is to provide support to local companies to internationalize their businesses, by offering the following services:

  • Internationalization;
  • Support within the Single Market;
  • Innovation and Technological Transfer;
  • Access to financing;
  • Digitization;
  • Sustainability and resilience.

General objective

The “PROSME – Promotion of SMEs from Romania through the Enterprise Europe Network” project offers companies and entrepreneurs from Macro-region 3 support services in the field of business development, by making available to organizations from the component counties of the Bucharest-Ilfov and South-Muntenia regions the resources of over 600 partner organizations in the Enterprise Europe Network.

The project supports the competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises (SMEs) in the RO3 Macro-region to benefit from the opportunities offered by the single market and global markets to innovate, develop and expand internationally.

At the same time, it wants to create a context and ensure a framework of services for SMEs, which will assist them in their recovery from the pandemic crisis.

Specific objectives

Supporting SMEs for:

  • Business expansion in the single market and internationally;
  • Adoption of business transformation measures towards sustainability and digitization;
  • Innovation, resilience.


The activity carried out by MSP aims to support SMEs from the Bucharest-Ilfov and South-Muntenia regions to develop internationally and take advantage of the opportunities offered by EU programs and policies.

All services offered are free of charge and can take customized forms that meet the specific needs of each company.


The aim of this project is to strengthen and continue the work of the Enterprise Europe Network. The PROSME Consortium is constantly working to help SMEs in the Bucharest-Ilfov and South-Muntenia regions to develop internationally and take advantage of the opportunities offered by EU programs and policies, through business support services oriented towards growth and innovation. Its presence in the macro-regional ecosystem has enriched the business community and provided an impressive number of services with significant impact in terms of market positioning, cost savings and job creation for local companies.

Duration: January 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025

Funder: European Innovation Council and SME Executive Agency (EISMEA) under powers delegated by the European Commission

Contact person: Roxana Lupașcu, tel: +40 756 166 497 , [email protected]

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